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Codius Cloud
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Codius Cloud, powered by Cryptanite Blockchain Technologies, a public company trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE: NITE), offer cloud hosting solutions for decentralized applications. Our Clodius hosting platform was designed with simplicity, making it easy for you build, deploy and run your Dapps easily and securely.
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"Our easy-to-use pltaform lets you focus on your Dapps while we manage your infrastructure."
Henry Doung, CTO Cryptanite Blockchain Technologies Corp.
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A faster way to buy cryptocurrency

A faster way to buy cryptocurrency
Cryptanite Blockchain Technologies Corp., a Boulder-based blockchain technology company, today announced the private beta launch of its Cryptanite Wallet app. Once publicly released, the Cryptanite Wallet will include four new baskets for cryptocurrency buyers and...


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